Club details (Frequently Asked Questions).

Who plays and who's welcome at Nomads badminton club?

The club consists of about 25 members of ages ranging from 16 years and up. Both men and women play in mixed or single sex matches. Abilities are varied too. Because we're an informal club, games often involve players of mixed abilities so don't worry if you don't think you're very good. Anyone above a minimum standard is welcome to come and play with us one Wednesday night. For the minimum standard, we request that you've played badminton before, enough to be able to serve consistently and be familiar with the rules of game.

Can under 16's play?

Yes, but they must be accompanied by an adult.

I'm a student, can I get concessionary rates?

Yes, students can join for 50% of the normal adult fee.

When and where is Nomads badminton club?

We play at Bedales School, Sheet, Petersfield, Hants between 20.30 and 10:00 on Wednesday nights. Click the ' Location' link on the left hand side for a map and more details.

Please contact Steve before arriving for the first time (see 'Contact' form).

Aim to arrive at Bedales School for 9.00pm or just after and go straight through to the sports hall. You don't have to play for the full one and a half hours - some members leave early or arrive late. Payment is organised by the courtside. We have 7 badminton courts at Bedales so there is enough courts for most players to play all night.

Please subscribe to our news feed to get the information about the state of play during bad weather and during the summer period when we may not be playing at Bedales school.

Do you take it seriously?

Not particularly, no. We all play for fun, the social side of the game and to keep fit.

How do I join Nomads badminton club?

First, come along (the first month is free). As a visitor, it costs £3.00 per night to play, and if you like it, speak to Steve about joining Nomads badminton club. Membership currently costs £40 per year, which works out just at £0.76 per week. That's one and a half hours of badminton for 76 pence!

How many games will I get?

It depends on how many players we have at the club on the night, and how long your games last. Usually, there's no waiting between games but on average, you can expect to be on court for at least 90% of the night.

Do you offer coaching at Nomads badminton club?

No, but every member is happy to help you and support you as much as possible. Playing every week improves your game pretty quickly though!

Does Nomads badminton club play in a league?


What equipment do I need?

To play, you will need a badminton racket and suitable clothing, namely non-marking training shoes and clothes suitable for running around in. Shuttlecocks are provided.

What type of shuttles do you use?

We use Yonex Mavis 2000 plastic shuttles to keep membership fees down.

Is there any insurance?

We are private individuals getting together to play for fun, therefore we accept no liability for any loss or injury, however sustained while taking part in club activities. If you want to cover yourself against injury to yourself or others, please make sure you have the appropriate insurance.

Who runs Nomads badminton club?

Steve is normally at Bedales to unlock the hall around 20:55, so if you arrive too early you will not be able to enter the sports hall. We do have a committee for the more mundane aspects of the club. The committee members:

Chairperson: Steve Cannings (CRB checked)

Treasurer: Michael Best

Secretary: David Sumner (CRB checked)

Committee member: Keith Young

Nomads badminton club is run by its members and is a non-profit making organisation. The fees you pay go only to cover our costs.

If the questions listed above haven't answered your question, and you want to ask a question... Please Email:, Phone: 07955674942 or use the 'Contact' form.